Coaching What Matters offers personal mindset coaching with a focus on women in their forties going through any number of life transitions such as divorce career change, empty nest, menopause or any of life’s key transitions.  It is our belief that we all have been created for a purpose and have visions for our lives.  Our company offers an array of services which, following your personal assessment call with be tailored to your needs and goals. Our system has been proven to help define your purpose, ignite your passion and live a life of abundance and fulfillment. 

Personal Coaching

Once we have discovered your passion and define your purpose the journey to a successful life becomes attainable.


  • One-on-one scheduled meetings – Virtual or on the phone
  • Through collaboration and accountability, one-on-one sessions offer a chance to navigate through any obstacles or changes that have occurred and maintain motivation to achieve the end result of success.

Group Online Coaching

  • Group coaching offers support of others which may enhance growth, accountability and sustainable achievement of success
  • Provides a safe and supportive network of individuals to share ideas and insights
  • Builds healthy and supportive relationships
  • Offers an opportunity to experience the benefits of  coaching in a cost effective manner
  • Online offers you the opportunity to engage in the coaching experience in the comfort of your own home, office or while on travel. 


  • A coach provides an objective view point to help navigate through the various seasons of a relationship
  • Pre-marital sessions may help enhance a healthy sustainable marriage
  • Couples coaching offers insight, tools and skills to enrich any relationship
  • Identify and heal the obstacles that may be interfering with a truly rewarding marriage or relationship


Retreats offer a way to spend time away from the day-to-day stressors we all face and gain tremendous insight and focus in a relaxed setting. Retreats are a great way to begin to the forward momentum of sustainable change

  • Couples retreats are offered to work on enriching your relationship and ignite growth
  • Individual retreats are held in a relaxed setting and encourage internal focus and help one to gain grounding which enhances growth and change
  • Offer education, time of introspection and hands on application of skills


Wendie has a true passion for delivering her message about the value in shifting your mindset to overcome any obstacle and achieve everything you dream of for your life. 

She is available to motivate and engage any size event. From small local events to large conference or motivational events. Contact our office to discuss having Wendie speak at your event!


Wendie has been instrumental in my success as a business executive. Her insight and objectivity along with her ability to help me confront my own inner roadblocks has helped me grow professionally and obtain a position within my company that is rewarding both professionally and personally. J.R.