Personal Coaching:

Hiring a coach is hiring your own personal change agent. A coach offers that objective, non-bias opinion and accountability which facilitates sustainable change and growth.

Per the International Coach Federation: partnering with a coach increases Self-Confidence by 80%; 73% improvement in overall relationships: improves communication skills by 72% and creates a 67% increase in improved life/work balance.

A coach provides:

  • Safe environment and structure to clearly define ones purpose, goals and passion
  • Promotes intentional thought, actions and behaviors to achieve identified goals
  • Identify strengths and build upon strengths for growth
  • Encourage and support individuals to step out of his/her comfort zone
  • Helps to realize obstacles which may have held one back from forward movement
  • Accountability and calls to action to stay focused and on track
  • Insight to strengthing current relationships and creating healthy and sustainable relationships
  • Motivation to continual growth and development

The majority of the most successful and influential individuals and leaders in the world have a personal coach which provides the accountability and motivation to stay focused and sustain continued growth.


Such an insightful email following our final session.

Making reference to my purpose and goals, to the man I’d want for my daughters… very powerful. You cut right to the heart of the matter. Perfect.

“Forgive, love and live”. That’s my new mantra. Seriously. And I think they are in the correct order.

Thank you for what you’ve done for me in our short orbit around one another. S.E.