Why Wendie

 Wendie has helped hundreds of people make positive changes in life and business.

She has guided people of all ages; through various obstacles in achieving their goals. Wendie has an extraordinary ability to connect with, understand and motivate people to gain a clear and positive perspective on their life purpose.   Additionally she has helped people to stay on course in obtaining goals and focuses on building upon ones strengths.

Wendie’s experience expands beyond helping others. She has hands on experience running multiple businesses while running a household and raising a family. She knows what it takes to realize your purpose and live life with abundance and fulfillment.  

In addition to her extensive education, experience and training as a coach: Wendie is also a publsihed author and speaker. Her true passion is helping women in their forties who are going through any number of life transitions. The system she has developed is the very system she has used in her own life to achieve her vision for her own life. 



I came to Wendie in a time of great personal turmoil. She was able to guide me through personal healing. Wendie helped me learn to shift my mindset and look at the silver lining. She helped me discover my own strengths and taught me skills to continue to grow and stay on track. T.P.

Wendie has held a professional license in Counseling since 2001. Beginning her experience in California and moving to North Carolina in 2005. She opened Lake Norman Counseling Service, PLLC in 2006 and has created a thriving practice and become well known and highly respected in her community and amongst a multitude of business professionals both locally and nationally.

The vision for Coaching What Matters, LLC began as coach Wendie was traveling through a significant life transition. As she was overcoming significant obstacles and redefining her purpose she realized her passion to help others was beyond the scope of counseling and she created Coaching What Matters. The focus is guiding people through their journey, living out their passions, overcoming obstacles, realizing purpose and achieving their highest level of success. It is her belief that growth and sustainability of success comes from examining of all aspects of our lives.